Trend of the week Aviator-Jackets

Trend of the week Aviator-Jackets

The Trend for the upcoming fall season Hot Trend: Aviator Jackets (by Burberry) be recommended by our Fashion editors warmly! The silky rose cream blends perfectly with the skin and a pleasant and young Fresh leaves as a result.

Use the Blue Therapy Red Algae Cream from Biotherm Uplift for a velvety soft skin feeling and a healthy glow. Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift Cream from Biotherm affects the skin smoother, more radiant – just like a facelift! The summer has passed and Winter is approaching with giant steps. Time to snuggle up in the new Jackets!

Ready for take-off? With these cool Aviator Jackets, we got into a real flight of fancy. The short, with lamb fur fill Jackets have flown over the Fashion Radar already and are ready for landing. Whether it’s the delicate little dress or Jeans, these cool Aviator jackets will make any Outfit in a flash a real eye-catcher. So, are you ready for take-off?

Especially in the summer Edema is a big issue: With the rising temperatures, the feet, ankles and calves are thick and spreads. This is usually due to the fact that Tissue fluid collects in the legs, which will not be removed. Water can, regardless of age, diet, fitness level, gender, and season occur and the various causes of diseases – including retention in the tissue.

If the legs are swollen, hard to the touch and the skin is stretched, these tried-and-tested tips in everyday life relief: An unbalanced water budget in the body can have, under certain conditions, a negative impact on the well-being and can even be a Symptom of a serious disease.

Edema or “water in the legs” are, among other things, then when something with the blood or lymphatic vessels is not in order. This is the case when the finest blood Vessels (capillaries) become leaky in our body due to an increased internal pressure or other causes and water in the surrounding tissue make. One reason may be a venous disease. It comes often and long-lasting water retention in the tissue, this may be an indication of an existing organic disease. The Edema of other complaints to be accompanied, such as discolouration or pain, should be investigated in the veins thoroughly.

Many pharmacies offer free vein screenings, the first information on a possibly existing venous disease can give. The advanced venous diagnosis and subsequent treatment should be carried out by a specialist in venous medicine (phlebology).

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