MeetMe Test September 2019 – Only Fakes or real Dates

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MeetMe in the Test of September 2019.

MeetMe is a mixture of a social network and an Online Dating site. The free platform, which was founded by The Meet Group in 2005, allows the users by means of Chat and live streams with other people via Browser or App in contact. The site is particularly known in the United States, however, there is also a Version in English.

Members of the structure.

A majority of the members of the United States has Over 100,000,000 users worldwide.

Because MeetMe’s diverse user structure is wide, you get Matches no matter what age group you are. The only Problem: The service requirements are similar to typical Social Media sites. This means that the minimum age is 13 years and in contrast to pure Dating sites no age of majority. We find it a shame, because minors on Dating portals are usually not sufficiently protected .

New members need to a short questionnaire, Quick sign-in 1-2 minutes of contact proposals to fill in directly after registration login with Facebook possible.

The registration process goes quickly out of Hand, which is a two-edged sword: on the one Hand, you can get started immediately – on the other hand, only the default data is retrieved and you do not cancel by the additional information such as Hobbies, out. Optionally, you can also with your Facebook account log in.

Contact the manufacture.

Search by age, gender, sexual preference, and removal is possible to Filter the Online users ‘ Profiles and images are, by default, be publicly restricted view profiles and albums can Chat with unlimited messaging is free, visitors can be displayed .

In addition to the automatically-generated suggestions on the home page, you can find a User by location, gender, age, sexual orientation, and your Online Status search. As a Plus User, you can filter, in addition in the advanced search using additional criteria, such as figure and size. In your visit list, you know who has last visited your profile to see this. The Information about who has viewed your photos, remains Plus-user reserved.

The Website offers a free chat feature. The Front, however, has advantages and disadvantages: On the one hand, this means that you can with each letter, without having a paid membership to complete. On the other hand, the possibility to be unwanted messages bombarding is. In the Community there are a lot of trolls and rude users and Perverse, so introduce yourself – especially as a woman – on dirty and inappropriate messages .

No safeguards against Fake Profiles, New members will not be Profile checked reveal not much about the details can be changed later to display all your public images for free profile information and photos can only be commented on for friends released photos, and with a heart provided .

In terms of profile data, there are not too many information. In addition to the standard data such as gender, age, relationship status, and physical attributes, there is only information on Smoking habits and the presence of children. Although there is also a free text field for a more detailed description, overall, the site tells, but less than other Dating sites about their users. It is possible to comment on the photos and leave with Likes similar the heart is .

The App is straightforward and engaging than the Website Version bonus features in the App available For Android / iOS / Windows Phone.

The MeetMe App is definitely better than the Web Version. This applies not only to the aesthetic aspect, but also the functionality. Without the special functions of the mobile application, you definitely missed something. The Software is available for iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone in the official store available.

Design / Use.

Desktop Version is out of date and not working properly easy-to-use and user-friendly App.

The Design and layout of the Desktop Version seem obsolete. Somehow it is reminiscent of the Look of the old Facebook, but while Facebook now has a clearer and more modern presentation, MeetMe is stopped. It gives the impression that the creators have abandoned the Desktop Version and the Android/iOS/Windows Phone App focus.

Personal Recommendation.

Which Dating site is right for you?

We create You a free, personal recommendation.

Costs and prices.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total Premium-membership / month / month / month / Coin / Coin / Coin / Coin.

Enrollment Profile Position Matching Function Chat Services Live Stream.

See what Users in advertising have looked at your photos remove ads advanced search options (figure, race, etc.) your messages will be First in strangers mailboxes Profiles displayed anonymously Themes visit for the design of your own profile.

The payment for MeetMe works like a classic subscription model: You have a choice between run times of one to six months, which can only be used in the App, as well as exclusively with In-App purchases paid. The subscriptions renew automatically.

MeetMe uses in addition to its own currency called “Credits”, which can be used for the following things:

Profile in search results to the top of buying gifts that can be given to the MeetMe streamers as a gift back .

Coins can also be earned through the Installation of Partner Apps (e.g. Games) .

Overall, MeetMe is more of a Social Media platform with a focus on social exchange as a classic single market. The platform is a great place to connect with other people and to have fun. Unfortunately, it is find out due to the anonymity and lack of safety is difficult, whether it is a real Person and whether or not this really is interested in a romantic relationship. If you’re not in a spontaneous elevations and Sexdates from, we recommend you for a higher success rate have a look at our category to throw MATCHMAKER .

MeetMe is a Dating site?

MeetMe is rather a mixture of Social Media platform and a Dating site. Structure and function reminiscent of classic social networks, only with more focus on Dating and relationships.

Where can I get the MeetMe App download?

We recommend the App from the official App Stores to download: These are the Apple App Store, the Microsoft Windows Phone Store and the Google Play Store. The Download of other page poses a potential security risk for your mobile device.

How does MeetMe?

To use MeetMe, you need to create an Account. As soon as you get this, you can complete your profile and begin to find interesting users on the platform and to start a conversation .

Can I use MeetMe for free ?

You can use the Apps, and the Desktop Version for free. Although the mobile variant offers some additional functions for money in the use of the platform also in the Free version is virtually fully to .

What should I do if MeetMe is down ?

The Desktop Version of MeetMe is offline or not working properly. If you have repeated technical problems with the MeetMe page, you should get one of the Apps. This is maintained by the developers, even better .


MeetMe is safe?

To be honest, the page is not very safe. There is no verification on the part of The Meet Group, so the behavior of the users under the guise of anonymity, as you wish. Though Fake Profiles are reported, nothing happens, if you don’t have to behave incorrectly .

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

Share your MeetMe experience.

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