Eva Longoria talks about her divorce

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It is the most difficult time was certainly in your life: for the First time Desperate Housewives”-Star Eva Longoria said, “in an Interview about the breakup of Tony Parker and confessed: “He was the love of my life”. How terrible it must be for a woman to find out that her husband is having an affair. And much worse it must be if members of the Public to the love From part. So it was Eva Longoria, whose husband Tony Parker cheated on her with the wife of a Basketball colleagues.

For the first time, the 36-Year-old said in the U.S. talk show “Piers Morgan Tonight” over the bad Phase in your life and had to struggle significantly with the tears: “It was heart-wrenching. It is the first Time I publicly talk about it. The separation has broken my heart.

I could not identify so well with the role as Mrs. Parker and wife that I knew who I was when I was taken.“ Although the divorce is behind her, and Tony Parker has humiliated his Ex-wife publicly, is Eva for sure: “I would never say publicly what happened or why we got divorced, because I love him. We were together for about seven years, so I would never talk bad about him. We have tried it, and it just hasn’t worked out.” Wow, after such a blow of fate Eva pretty tough. Maybe it is because of her new love: Allegedly, she is flirting at the moment violently with Eduardo Cruz, the younger brother of Penelopé Cruz and dreams allegedly from a Baby . To wish for it!

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