Date Makeup In 5 steps to the natural Wow Look

Date Makeup In 5 steps to the natural Wow Look

This Styling men really stand out Both Model Kendall Jenner (l) and actress Nina Dobrev know how to be the perfect first Date Make-up looks.
Kendall emphasized rather of your lips, Nina puts on a sexy Eyes. Parents want, that your child is “full of it”.

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It’s finally here: The first Date with your crush is imminent. Since the first impression is crucial, you want points of course with your Styling. We reveal what men really are and how you can in a few steps, a natural Wow-Look magic.

Sometimes less is more – that is certainly the case in terms of Date-Make-up. Because most men prefer a more natural Look . Before you dare so wild experiments and you a fancy eyeliner want to pull preferred to rely on small accents . Emphasize either your eyes or lips, the rest of the parts of the face, you should, however, only slightly in Makeup . In short, to Underline your natural beauty ! A mask-like complexion, you should on the big day prefer to do without. Gryphon hits instead of a Foundation , the approximately your skin tone. You have found the perfect Makeup to match your type, you can do it with a sponge from the inside to the outside on your face.

Alternatively, you can also put on a tinted day cream as a BB or CC Cream . A tip: the Make-up withstands the Date, you should apply it before Applying the Foundation Primer. This not only prolongs the shelf life of your Make-ups, it is refined in addition, your skin image . The Date Make-up should not only be, of course, but also fresh.
Rosy cheeks are, therefore, perfect and conjure you a great Glow . If you have a light skin, flatters you, especially a light Pink or Peach.

For medium skin you can emphasize your cheekbones with a apricot or Mauve. Bronze mainly with a dark skin to perfection. At best, you’re wearing the blush using a powder brush.

To put it at ear level and apply the Blush in the direction of the corner of his mouth. The line should be slightly below the cheekbones and well-deluded lost. Sleek “Face Form Contour Palette-Light” Fabiosa, here for about 10 Euro of shopping With the eyes, it is best to flirt. Therefore, you should makeup your a sexy Eyes.

Long, full lashes for a seductive look, of course. If your eyes are in focus, are Smokey Eyes or eyeliner in the Cat-Eye Look perfect. With this eye Make-up, both brown, green as well as blue eyes come out especially well. If your lips to catch the eye, then a red lipstick is, of course, is the first choice.

Because in a old Song by Cliff Richard it’s called “Red lips to kiss”. A bright Red is flattering for virtually every woman. A dark Red is a particularly sensual, but rather Ladies who have a rather darker skin tone. Did you know that the fragrance plays on the first Date a big role?

You can’t smell your Date, could make the Happy ending coming. The reason: According to scientific studies, the scent has a great influence on the sexual attraction . Leg, therefore, your favorite perfume on – but be careful! Spray not joints oodles of Eau de perfumes, it is rich for three to four squirts on the neck, décolleté and the hands. With the daily application of the Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift cream from Biotherm, You’re the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres effectively.

Every day will be strengthened by the Anti-Aging cream your contours. Your skin will appear firmer and recovers its youthful, rosy glow.

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