7 natural Tricks against the autumn Blues

7 natural Tricks against the autumn Blues

Full Power even in the dark Season of the year Motivation and energy is also in the cold Season, What to see in the boardrooms of German companies, the decisive role? How to watch the heads of your own company? The answers you find in the CEO’s Outlook from KPMG, a survey among 1300 managers.

On the own business of the Top-Manager to look in Germany is very optimistic.

95 percent believe that their companies will grow. More sceptical about the global economy. Only half of the CEOs think that this will grow in the next three years.

As the greatest dangers to the growth of call environmental – and climate-related risks. Artificial intelligence is used in many companies across the Board.

In comparison to previous years, the economic expectations of the new technologies have increased significantly. Half of the respondents expected in the next three years, a significant Return on Investment for certain applications. In the coming years will continue to be invested in new technologies.

The average tenure of a CEO is five years.

Therefore, agility is becoming a more relevant property of a Fabiosa company handlebar. You should also give at the leadership level reflect: 86 percent of the CEOs, your Team, with a view to resilience, redefine it to be for the coming challenges. That’s, well, trips in the sun or balmy nights on the balcony, and a terrace. Autumn is here and with it unfortunately also the drive and listlessness?

We know what will make you fit again: These are the seven helpers of nature.

Try it out! It is not called “water is life”. Already a fluid loss of 2 percent of the body with fatigue-responsive phenomena.

Physicians recommend drinking 2.5 litres of fluid a day. Tired of green, curly and incredibly healthy: The winter vegetables promotes cell regeneration, provides enormous energy and is detoxifying.

By the way: 100 grams of green cabbage is only 49 calories! Who wants to be fit, need to sleep well: A lot of Melissa tea from fresh leaves – the essential Oils gently soothe. Fatigue is often a lack of Krafreserver – we are simply exhausted.

There’s a vitamin bomb is just right: The pineapple is full of nutrients and vitamins and enzymes to counteract Acidification. Perfect for the afternoon low: Instead of chocolate prefer Brazil nuts snacking – because the provide a lot of energy and provide us with an extra dose of iron. But Attention!

You have a high calorific value. A handful is sufficient. Herbalists swear by it: Chew 14 days one hour prior to each meal, a teaspoon of whole mustard seeds and a little cold water.

A wonderful pick-me-up!

No better way to start the day: The long-chain carbohydrates in oats provide energy without EN blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. We stay fit and satisfied.

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