7 Makeup Tricks with which you look as if you were without makeup

7 Makeup Tricks with which you look as if you were without makeup

The Nude Look is totally in Trend Especially in everyday life, a subtle Make-up is popular, and is often seen. Red cheeks are a weakness for rosacea signs of a connective tissue. In addition to some rules of conduct also have special cosmetics can remedy the situation.

A delicate blush on the cheeks has always been the ideal of beauty in women.

It indicates a good blood circulation, and thus on health, youthfulness, and, ultimately, fertility. Already in Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire or in ancient Greece, the women helped, therefore, with color on the cheeks: These consisted in part of finely ground Ochre or vermilion, but also herbal AIDS such as Beetroot have been used for this. Until today, this beauty image appears to be little, as Rouge for the cheeks is still one of the most popular beauty products.

Red cheeks are a sign of youthfulness: you can also occur temporarily and undesirable – for example, when we exert ourselves or shame feeling. This redness is, however, usually of short duration. The cheeks are reddened, by contrast, permanently, and rather spotty, it can also put a skin disease. The so-called rosacea causes these symptoms.

There are also trails, the causes of Couperose counter – example, the vessels of the facial skin using special cosmetics to strengthen in a targeted manner.

The natural Anti-Couperose products from LOGONA natural cosmetics were specially developed for the needs of the affected areas of the skin. In addition to a moisture serum and a care, day and night, there is Recently also a cooling rosacea Spray. That is a great way to calm reddened skin on the go.

It fits in any handbag and can easily be over the Make-up to apply. Members of the German rosacea Association tested the new product is already 78 percent of the Tester to confirm the calming effect of the cooling rosacea spray of LOGONA on your skin*. Click here for the cooling rosacea Spray look Natural, despite Make-up: This art does not succeed in many women.

We will show you what you need to be aware of.

The so-called “Nude Look” is very popular, since it gives the impression, to be without make-up. We want to look as natural as possible, but still have little flaws such as dark circles, pimples or wrinkles conceal. There are plenty of tips and Tricks that you should keep in mind.

In addition, the right products are needed, of course, because not all Makeup products are for the natural Look suitable . You want to wear a Foundation, this should not be too strong, opaque and a perfect fit for your skin tone. Work it gently with a beauty blender into the skin. In the case of powder, a mineral powder is particularly recommended.

For Covering individual Spots and the brightening of the lower eye area, a Concealer is suitable . This is a tinted day creams , the cover is much less than Foundations. So, blackheads and co. can expertly conceal. Fabiosa In the case of a BB Cream is a moisturizing Blemish Balm . In order to correct minor irregularities, so that a radiant complexion is created.

Furthermore, a BB Cream vitamins has active ingredients, light protection factor and Anti-Aging. Also, you will not clog the pores. A CC Cream has more coverage, because it is a Colour Correcting Cream.

CC Creams are ideal to conceal redness and pigment spots. The focus is the tinted day creams, but you can identify the active ingredients.

Here, for about 11 euros, The Vichy “Lumineuse buy”day cream is the ideal skin for normal skin and mixed. It calms with thermal water and with an oil-free Texture for a pleasant feel to the skin. At Douglas for about 18 euros, available is The CC Cream from Clinique has a light protection factor of 30, and tones is available in three skin available.

In perfume dreams for about 24 euros as Well as highlighting buy you get to the Nude Look. So you look the same fresh and alert. Here you should use a Highlighter, your skin tone as closely as possible, and not too strongly pigmented.

This you can on your upper cheekbones, above the eyebrows and on the tip of the nose to apply. The Becca “Skin Love Glow Glaze Stick Highlighter” gives the skin a subtle Shimmer and nourishes you at the same time with Vitamin C, ginger, cold-pressed Avocado and melon.

At Sephora for approx 28 Euro bareMinerals face Makeup Highlighter “Invisible Glow shopping” for around 31 euros in the case of perfume dreams First, it is important to maintain your lips well. This also includes regular lip scrubs include . When lipstick or lip glosses you should use a delicate Rosétöne. These are almost every woman and look very natural.

A colorless lip contour pen ensures that the lipstick settles into fine lines and lasts all day. Bright lip colors like Red or dark brown are the Nude Look, of course, prohibited. You don’t want to change your natural lip color, gives a transparent Gloss to the lips more Shine and volume. The delicious lip scrub “Bubblegum” consists of granulated sugar and jojoba oil.

You can do it after the peeling of the lips to lick and eat.

To forms at Lush for about 10 Euro on Amazon for about 7 Euro a Transparent lip gloss by Artdeco for about 10 Euro To the eyebrows, without stressing you too much, you can use a soft eyebrow pencil or, better still, a matte eyebrow powder . Note that the color is similar to your natural eyebrows as possible. Artdeco eyebrow pencil for about 11 Euro at Douglas If you don’t want to forgo eyeshadow, then subtle nuances that don’t shimmer or Shine empfiehlen, of course. For example, you can make your eyes a little stress, and add a brown to the crease and a light Beige on the Lid.

As a result, you give your eyes more depth. Smashbox “eye shadow Minimalist”eyeshadow palette for about 29 Euro at Douglas, The Nude Look is characterized by a natural Finish. A black Mascara can look very harsh, which is why you should have a dark brown prefer.

Also anthracite-coloured eyelashes are suitable inks. Helena Rubinstein Make-up Mascara “Lash Queen” for around 28 Euro in perfume dreams Benefit Cosmetics “Roller Lash Mascara” for about 28 euros, at Sephora

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