5 products in 5 minutes the perfect everyday Make-up to succeed!

In just a few steps to a fresh, healthy Look The No-Make-up-Make-up Look is just super fashionable. We show how it is possible with a minimal expenditure of time and a few products. There are situations where you need to be a genius in the kitchen, One prepared in a hurry a delicious menu that the whole family or circle of friends, tastes really good and on top of that healthy. Exactly for such situations, there is now a hot air fryer with an additional, built-in BBQ plate, with the two different dishes in parallel can be prepared. Thanks to the exclusive DUAL-MOTION technology ActiFry Genius 100% homogeneous can guarantee results for perfectly deep-fried meals without much effort.

The unique process combines hot air, an automatic agitating arm and 9 automatic programs. In order to always achieve all-around crispy and delicious results. A Shake or Supervision is not required. The additional grill plate allows for the ActiFry Genius XL 2-in-1 Option for simultaneous Cooking on two levels. In the morning, the time for an elaborate Make-up is usually lacking, nevertheless, we want to leave and preferably without under-eye circles, or dull, the house of skin.

We tell you what are the five products you ought to conjure up in just five minutes a naturally-fresh everyday Make-up. No matter whether you let your under-eye circles disappear, or impure want to Put on the cover: Concealer is a true Allround-Talent! For everyday life it is not bad at all, if you leave out the Foundation in the Morning and instead, only sporadic cover. With a Make-up sponge, you can incorporate the product. You should to tend to oily skin, the face, with a bit of powder setten, then.

Tip: Your favorite Concealer you should always be in two different colors in stock. The first color should come out of your skin and Foundation color as close as possible to the pimples and bumps to cover. The other color one to two shades lighter choose, the game brighten under the eyes.

So your view seems to be more alert! About this product: Here you can the “Pro Conceal” from L. A. Girl for about 5 Euro shopping Apple-cheeks for a healthy blood circulation and conjure up Fresh in the face. For this reason, you should never give up on Blush. You can put on a color of your choice.

Tip: to place the product, you can your Index and middle finger help. You put it on the side of the nose and where the fingers, place the blush in the middle of the cheeks . If you like it a bit more intense, you can distribute the powder remains on the brush in light movements over the bridge of the nose. About this product: Here you can use the “Powder Blush” by Milani for about 11 Euro shop mascara is a product, the least women can do without.

Because without, we look tired or sick. We carry Mascara, the look instantly more awake. Tip: Have you ever tried brown mascara?

The acts in everyday life are much more natural for a No-Make-up-Make-up-Look. About this product: Here you can the vegan mascara from Gaya Cosmetics for about 18 Euro shop On Pomade or pins, we can do without in the morning, because this takes much to much time. Better to use a eyebrow Gel in the color of your choice. Quick to apply, fills gaps and keeps the Brewing throughout the day in the Form . Tip: If you have naturally very full, even eyebrows, this is a colorless brow Gel . About this product: Here you can see the “Eyebrow Styling Gel” from Lavera for about 4 euros, shop A product that is super fast to apply and a great effect, is Nude lip gloss.

It’s your natural lip supports color and makes the mouth look fuller. And if it needs to go really fast, you can apply it even on the go without a mirror . Tip: To make the lips appear even fuller, you can you with a Lipliner edge of your lip color as close as possible. Then with the tip of your finger to the inside for an even more natural effect hide. About this product: Here you can see the “Butter Gloss” by Nyx for about 8 euros in A Scratch shop in the neck, headache, heavy limbs – there’s a flu in the approach? Or rather a cold?

The complaints are similar. However, the two disease images differ. How do you recognise a flu-like infection and when it is the real flu, read here.

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