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SingleC Review

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Site rating: 5 Star Rating! This is a Quality Site
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Romantic Dating Site. Christian Dating Site, General Dating, Pen Pals and Friends.

The SINGLES CHRISTIAN NETWORK family of websites (Singlec) could be right for you if you can answer yes to any of the following questions! (1) Do you find it difficult to meet single Christians? (2) You wish to stay away from the bar scene and game playing? (3) Have you tried expensive dating services only to find (after spending hundreds of dollars) that they fall far short of your expectations? (4) Do you have a lonely void in your life which could only be filled with another Christian with a faith like yours? Singlec.com say that they have received many responses from people telling of there new romances, engagements and marriages. Through this site, many thousands of single Christians have found amazing new friends, romance and exhilaration!

Basic FREE Membership: Yes, also offers full 10 day trial membership and thereafter you can choose to stay beyond the free trial period and may choose from any of several membership plans.
Number of Members: Over 40,000 ACTIVE members, and 300+ joining each day!
Sexual Categories Covered: Christian Singles
What Countries are Covered by The Site?Regions Covered:

All 249, Countries.

What Features Are Available to Members?Features Available:

Key features of the Singlec network are as follows : Send Online Messages! To Anyone!, Send Mail messages! To Anyone!, Search all profiles, View your own profile, Search by username, Who's online now?, Become available, Become invisible, Online help facility, Your friends hotlist facility, Your BLOCKED List feature, Your Photo Center feature, Testimonies, Free Singles Newsletter, Prayer Forums , Bible Discussions, Free E-cards, Singles Articles.

How User-Friendly is The Website?Website Interface & Usability:

Singlec.com network have recently redesigned their website and it now incorporates a more professional look and predominately uses a color scheme of blues and white. The site still remains simplistic and not overly complicated to use although the search feature of the website will probably take a couple of sessions to understand exactly how is operates.

To use the singlec.com fully you must turn off all programs which kill "pop-ups" in your web browser. Singlec.com uses pop-up windows substantially. They are used for sending email, viewing additional photos, Instant online messaging etc.

Although singlec.com uses pop-ups profusely don't worry about annoying adverts popping up from time to time, singlec.com specifically states that it does not serve pop-up ads in their members area. The main menu is located on the left side of the website and offers links to Plans & Prices, Your Mail, Your Profile, Getting Support, Extras and Safety.

Using these links on the main menu will answer most of your questions, or problems can be taken care of. The best place to start would probably be on the 'Your Photo' link under the 'Your Profile' category. This will provide photograph help and suggestions when you are about to add a photo to your ad.

Singlec.com highly recommends on their website that a photograph with an ad can help gain TEN TIMES the responses as those without. Remember for you to get responses you must send mail. Do not sit and wait for a response to your ad. Instead, do the responding or first move (could you imagine if everyone posted their ad and waited for a response from someone.... They would be waiting, and waiting, and waiting.....) So get writing!!

If you recall the parable about Jesus sowing the seed? Some of the seed fell by the wayside. But the more seed that your sow, the more likely the chance is that you will have some plants grow.

Main Description of Dating Site.Site

The Singlec.com Christian network can be described as one of the best Christian Singles sites and Christian Dating services on the internet. Here, Christians can mingle with other single Christians.

You can join in the prayer forums, post a prayer, or discuss the bible. The website was created by The Single Christian Network so that you can find a date. Come and join the fun! It has personal ads, and profiles, dating advice, singles information, Christian information, Christian singles dating advice, Christian chat, ordinary chat, single women, single men, divorced women, divorced men and more.

There are dating forums, free valentines cards, and Christian articles. Singlec.com offers a search facility, which will probably take a couple of search sessions to understand exactly how it works. Don't get discouraged if you don't understand how to operate it all at once. When you have used it a couple of times it will become easier to navigate. Singlec.com recommends that you don't be too restrictive in your searching.

Remember, that special person could be "just outside" the range of your choice. So, be open with your searches and you'll be much more successful. When you find an ad that you would like to respond to, just click on "Send Message!". Type your message in the box, and then click "Send Message". The note that you send to that person will appear in their mailbox and they will be able to reply back to you.

Singlec.com has a small restriction in place while users are on free- trial status. When a user sends a mail message, they cannot enter their email address in their mail messages. This restriction would later be removed once a user has decided to become a paid member.

Other than this email address restriction, users have no other restrictions during the free-trial period.
When searching the ads/profiles and you discover someone that you wish to contact Singlec.com recommends using the Singlec.com online messaging and mail system by clicking on "Send a Message".

On the next page you will then type a note and when you click "Send" your message will be delivered instantly to that member's mail box. The person who you are making that initial contact with does not need to be logged in for you to send them a message.

The Online Messaging facility is a way to communicate with someone who is online in real time. When you send someone an Online Message the system will "hold" your message until the other party does "something" on the site. The next time the party refreshes a page, or goes to a new page then your message will pop-up on their screen. They then have the option of writing back to you and communication can begin in real time.


What we liked about the site:

For those single Christian people who are on the lookout for faith-based dating services, Singlec.com offers exactly that.

There are very few internet dating sites specifically dedicated to introducing singles who share religious beliefs and values. Singlec provides forums for topics such as Bible Discussions, Prayer Requests, and Singles Issues. Singlec provides a very good search facility for its users which will enable them to narrow down their search using criteria such as Sex, Photos only, Age Range, Country, Marital Status and Church/Religion just to name a few.

They have provided instructions and helpful hints on using their criteria based search facility. Singlec also allows up to three photos to be posted on each profile and also will provide a scanning service for a small fee to those who are inept with scanning devices.

The single Christian network have included in their website testimonies, unsolicited letters that they have received from just some of the satisfied members of their network who have married, (some 4000+ and counting).

They have publicly acknowledged the fact that they have literally received thousands of letters from many happy members.

These Features Get A Thumbs Down :-(Con's

What we didn't like about the site:

On the down side the Single Christian Network , they have a small restriction while you are on the free-trial status. They specifically state that when you are sending a mail message, you cannot enter your email address in your mail messages. (Hey they have to stay in business somehow and running a web business costs money.)

This restriction will be lifted when you become a paid subscriber to the network. Other than this restriction, there is no further restrictions during the free-trial period. We also think that Singlec.com could offer more ways for communicating with other users such as Telephone Dates, Voice Mail and Electronic Winking as provided by many other Christian dating services.

Well, Overall What Did We Think of The Site?Overall Verdict:

Overall we think Singlec.com is a very professional single Christian network and seems to do a great job of connecting people with many members having great success stories to tell. Finally, Singlec.com is a very popular Christian singles sites it is well worth the free trial. We would give their site and service a Quality 4 star rating.

Hear what satidfied customers have to say!SingleC Customer Testimonials I am writing this while on our honeymoon. We would like to say thanks for your service. We even put a thanks in from us to you in our order of service!! Talk about GOD being in the meeting! May God richly bless your service and those looking for God's helpmate for them. If you are looking, look to God first, he will lead to you in the right direction!
We want to thank you for helping us find each other!! We met last Spring through your network and are now engaged to be married in August of 2004!
Your site is truly a ministry that all Christians seeking Godly love can trust.
We praise the Lord for the gift He has given us in our love and we thank you for being a link that God used to connect our lives.
“I was a skeptic when I first got on the site. In less than 3 weeks I have found the most important person in my life. Thank you! We found each other with God's help and now our future is in his hands. Please take me off the site as I don't need it anymore. Thank you again.” T.R.
“Please go ahead and cancel my membership. Through your website, I have met a wonderful Christian man and pray that God will continue to deepen our relationship. Thank you so much.” E.H.
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