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Antopia Review

Site Name:


Site rating: 4 Star Rating! This is a Excellent Site
Site Classification: Romantic Dating Site. General Dating, Pen Pals and Friends.
Basic FREE Membership: Yes
Number of Members: Approx 50,000 Active members
Sexual Categories Covered: Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Swingers, Married Already, Bi Sexual, Alt, Just Friends, HSV1, HSV2 , Herpes
What Countries are Covered by The Site?Regions Covered: All, 249 Countries
What Features Are Available to Members?Features Available:

Tips from current members, herpes resources section on recommended products for suppressing an outbreak, FAQ section for new members, Local events section - Canada and America ONLY.

The MAZE - an online text adventure where you can find prizes such a a weeks free full membership upgrade etc, discreet login page if you're logging in from work and you don't want anyone looking over your shoulder to see, random picture search of profiles, photo profiles, voice introductions, video introductions, chat rooms, bulletin boards, see who's online, advanced search and browse features.

Hmatch compatible profile finder, quick member search, you can mark members as Flirt, Buddy, Ignore, and Remove, PSST messages - members email system and last but not least A Herpes information center for everything you ever wanted to know about herpes.

How User-Friendly is The Website?Website Interface & Usability:

Short 2 page sign up form. Antopia sports a groovy purple and red interface. The web site loads in very quickly as it is now running on three dedicated servers. The main sections of the site are always to be found down the left hand side of the screen.

That being said there is a lot of information and sections to browse through on this site. Some of the pages are quite lengthy and a few of the sections are a bit confusing to get to.

Antopia acknowledge this and have included a 'getting started' page for new members to help them get going. It does actually help a lot and we suggest to read it before you proceed any further into the site.

Searching through member profiles was a bit annoying as there is no thumbnail of their photo on the search results. If they have a picture then a little camera icon is displayed on their profile result. But clicking into the profile will display any available photos, which are nice and large. Free members can access this feature.

You get about 20 results per page and it is a very fast loading site as a result of the lack of photos. If browsing isn't your thing then you can see who's online right now and send them a message or add them to your favorites list as buddy, flirt, ignore or remove. When you do this the person is notified that you have added them.

You may also send them a PSST message which is basically an email to them through MPWH's internal email system.

Overall, the speed of the site is nice and the layout isn't overly complex once you get used to it. The one thing I do feel is that they could make the profile browsing better by including thumbnails of members photos, especially now that they're operating on dedicated servers.

Main Description of Dating Site.Site

So who is Antopia and what is MPWH.net all about? (NOTE: Meet People With Herpes. Ed.)

Antopia is a California based company dedicated to providing Herpes online dating facilities to the people for the world. We asked them what they were all about and this is what they had to say:

"Meet People with H is a dating and online community web site for people living with herpes and/or HPV. In existence since October 1997, today it has 42,677+ registered members.

Members can place personal ads, and access the chat rooms and bulletin boards. Basic membership is free, and upgraded members receive enhanced services such as being able to send responses, and see more member pictures. "

They also went on to say:

"It is quick, easy and FREE to sign up for MPwH, and open yourself up to a huge community of people, all of whom are living with herpes or HPV. Please note that after you sign up, there is no obligation to upgrade at any time, we do not have a "trial period" or anything like that, and there are lots of things that you can do immediately without payment, such as seeing all the profile information about our active members, access to our chat rooms and bulletin boards, and more!

And, if people respond to your profile, you do not need to pay to receive emails from other members! So please take a few minutes to join MPwH! Many have done so, we have an unparalleled reputation, and you will not be disappointed."

As someone who is looking at and reviewing dating sites, Herpes dedicated dating web sites seem to be few and far between. Some of them are useless and not very good.

I am happy to say that Antopia is definitely one of the better ones out there and you should check them out before looking elsewhere. They have a large membership database, lots of member features, things to do, offline H event coverage and a warm friendly supportive community of people who have the H gift.

You're not going to find that in too many other places around the net.

These Features Get A Thumbs Up :-)Pro's

What we liked about the site:

The New Member's Chat Room is open to ALL members on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The H Support Chat Room is open to ALL members 24/7, and scheduled sessions are held weekly on Thursday evenings.

Free downloadable report - Living and Loving with Herpes!

Large membership base approximately 50,000 active members

Fast loading web site

Lots of features to communicate, play games, ask questions and get support.

Very 'community' orientated, you will make lots of friends here and get support from others with HPV1 or HPV2, some have both.

It's nice to see they're constantly trying to improve the site with new features and facilities for members. This sort of development and improvement simply couldn't happen with a 100% free service.

These Features Get A Thumbs Down :-(Con's

What we didn't like about the site:

Not the most technically advanced or well laid out web site in the world. But the warm sense of 'community' and plethora of information and features more than makes up for it. The chat rooms are actually very professionaly done and well Moderated.

They're also one of the better dedicated Herpes dating web sites out there.

Well, Overall What Did We Think of The Site?Overall Verdict:

Despite my gripes about finding my way around their site, I'm going to give Antopia 4 stars out of 5. My problems where, perhaps cosmetic from a web designer point of view and at the end of the day it's the service they provide and the community of like minded people that you should be most interested in when looking for a site to join.

As a resource for people who feel alone and unable to date because they have some form of Herpes, this web site should be that lighthouse signal calling you into port. Antopia is a safe haven for people afflicted with H.

After looking at this web site for an entire weekend I think it is a valuable resource for herpes sufferers, even if you have no intention of dating, you can still make lots of friends. A lot of profiles I looked at were from people who were openly offering support and friendship.

So if you're shy and would feel under pressure on a normal dating web site, you will feel right at home on this one as dating pressure is not an issue.

I have looked at other dating web sites with all the bells and whistles of the day and have walked away feeling cold and uninvited. That is simply not the case with the members of Antopia.

Get over there and check it out, lonely Herpes singles don't need to be, any longer ;-)

About the Author

Jonathan Striem is a publisher for QDS

Hear what satidfied customers have to say!Antopia Customer Testimonials

"Hey! This is Donna, your friendly chatroom host.

I met the man of my dreams on May 8, 2004. He originally emailed me in November of 2003 and we finally met and realized that we were looking for each other all along. On Aug 31, we were married and I have never been so sure of anything in my life.

Heck, I was more nervous about buying a new car than marrying him. After joining MPwH over three years ago, having gone back and forth from friends to looking for someone, I have found him. (He doesn't even mind my three cats...he actually likes them) Please never give up the search for your soulmate. It will happen (especially when you least expect it).

I am always open for new friends so please feel free to email me anytime!

Take care, "


SkinnyDoogan Wrote:

"Ok, I'll try to be brief, but it's gonna be kinda hard. I just wanted to tell everyone who reads this to know that however bad things are (and trust me, brother, I can sympathize), they WILL get better. In May, I met a girl in person that I meet on this sight. Today, we've been married almost a month, and every day with her gets better and better. She's my pal, my sometimes shrink (OK, all of the time), and has willingly entered a life of football, pro wrestling, old 70's R&B, and other stuff that is a side-effect of being with me.

I think she is an absolute angel, and she and I are gonna be Tag Team Champions of the World. The point of the speech and all the wrestling analogies is this; hang in there. Easy to say, but I can promise you, there is someone out there that you can be happy with. They may or may not have herpes. You may or may not meet them on this web site. But jack, I am here to tell you, if you do right by people as best you can, as often as you can, and keep your eyes open, you WILL meet someone.

Someone who will be with you for you. Someone who you will enjoy being around, every time you're around them. Someone who is into you just as much as you are them. Someone with a great laugh, and an even greater heart. And someone who will NOT let the fact that you have herpes cause them to miss out on YOU.

So hang in, and try to keep yourself sane in the meantime. I've never been happier, and that's a fact. I hope that everyone on this sight who's looking for someone finds a person like I have. Have a good one, and thanks for taking the time to read this. "


Happily married with child and met on MPWH

"My husband and I met on this site in March of 2001. We just celebrated our two anniversary and have a beautiful baby. There was a time when both of us thought we would never meet the "one", because we had herpes. We found having herpes just narrowed the search."

No Chatroom Nickname Defined

"Hello Everyone,

Update: I've met someone extraordinary, and we just got officially engaged and bought our first home and adopted a dog! It's all thanks to MPWH!!!

I'd just like to add that when I first found out that I was a member of the 'H' club, I never thought that I'd have a chance to meet the man of my dreams. After all, I wasn't meeting the best people BEFORE this experience, and I thought that my odds of finding someone decent, caring, intelligent, ambitious, and fun were now much worse. I was wrong.

Thanks to MPWH, I was able to find unbelievable hope and support. But more than that, I have to say that the people I've met on this site have been some of the best people I've ever met in my life. I've met some very special people that have helped me have an amazing life after H, and they will have my love, respect, and appreciation forever.

No matter what happens in the future, good or bad, I can honestly say that I wouldn't take back the last 4 years of my life in exchange for not having the "gift". I have learned so much about myself, made valuable friendships, and have had some unbelievable experiences.

Just like in life without H, finding someone takes a great deal of time, patience, and the willingness to take risks. Take it from me, take risks. Send out your responses, take the time to read and reply to your responses, and TRAVEL. I'm very happy that I've taken risks, whether it turned out in the past or not.

I hope my words have been encouraging. If anyone is looking for friendship, or support, I am always up for that. "

No Chatroom Nickname Defined

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