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Match.com Review

Site Name:


Site rating: 5 Star Rating! This is a Quality Site
Site Classification: Romantic Dating Site.Site aimed at Long Term Relationships. Dating, matchmaking and long term relationships, pen pals & soul mates.
Basic FREE Membership: Yes
Number of Members: 20 Million and counting.
Sexual Categories Covered: Heterosexual, Gay, Lesbian, Exotic, Risque, Single Parents, Pen Pals, Christian, Senior(50+)
What Countries are Covered by The Site?Regions Covered

All, 249 counties.

What Features Are Available to Members?Features Available

Email, Voice Mail, Voice Email, Electronic Winking, Live Chats, Telephone Dates, Speedmatching, Mobile Phone Messaging, Instant Messaging, Online Speedmatching, Offline Parties and Events. Travel and Cruises for Singles. They also now have video dating and support Web Cams for both video profiles and video messages in your instant messaging messages using the match messenger software.

How User-Friendly is The Website?Website Interface & Usability

The website design is simplistic and not overly complicated, yet has many features. With a general colour scheme of light blue and green it's not sore on the eyes. Searching for profiles is straight forward and each profiles preview photo is nice and big so you don't need a telescope to see what the person looks like.

Profile details are shown in tabbed format under the main picture to conserve space on the page. You also can instantly see if the person has a video profile or voice message. Most of the features you'll use are logically located at the top of the page and anything to do with match the company itself can be found at the bottom.

The match messenger is browser based so there's no software to download meaning you can access it from anywhere, not just at home. The text is of a good size too so reading profile details shouldn't be a problem.

Main Description of Dating Site.Site

Match.com is the world's largest dating site and that's official as of March 2nd 2004. With 20 million members in 246 countries, if you can't find a date on this site, your not going to find one anywhere. To quote match.com:
"Match.com brings people together; we welcome all single adults seeking one-to-one relationships ranging from companionship to friendship, romance to marriage. Our sole purpose is to use a fun, secure online platform to provide our members with fast, relevant, and lasting results."

Match.com uses its own little instant messaging software called match messenger and they've recently added real time video messaging for people with web cams. They also provide an excellent tips section for looking your best if using the video dating service. Match also goes that extra distance by organising singles holidays and offline events.

At this time of writing these are only open to US members but Match have plans to make these services available to international members. For US members you can find out when the next Match event is happening in a city near you. Like most dating websites that deal with matchmaking there's a fairly detailed profile setup.

But most settings are optional and you don't have to set it all up at once. If you're in a hurry you can save what you have done and come back later to finish filling in your details. Your profile is then submitted for review at the end and you should be approved within 48 hours. We'd also like to add upon reviewing other dating sites that you can view any members profile regardless if they're paying or not.

These Features Get A Thumbs Up :-)Pro's

What we liked about the site:

Large Database. Tons of features to communicate. Dating Safety tips, Live Advisors if you need advice. 40% Female, 60% Male (so ladies you should be spoilt for choice.)

All profiles are scanned and Match takes any complaints very seriously and acts on them quickly to ensure a good service and safe dating environment. We like match because of their commitment to their users, they seem to put the customers needs first.

Not every online dating site does this and as a result match is pushed to the top of the list for their efforts.

These Features Get A Thumbs Down :-(Con's

What we didn't like about the site:

Size of database can be bewildering. So make sure you narrow it down when searching and be specific. Match have actually acknowledged this fact and have tips on their site for narrowing you criteria down so that you, as they say, 'Find more 'compatible' matches rather than just more matches'.

Another things is that Match have adverts displayed every so often between profiles? Aren't they making enough money with the dating? The adverts aren't intrusive but theres really no need for them to be there.

Well, Overall What Did We Think of The Site?Final Verdict:

Overall we think match.com is a professional dating services company that cares about its users and the environment in which they interact. They aren't just in it to make a buck and coupled with their excellent and varied features, (including the different ways to communicate) their site and service gets a Quality 5 Star rating from us.

Hear what satidfied customers have to say!Match.com Customer Testimonials I'd been searching for years for the right woman, and I finally found her very close by to me. I'd spent some many nights hitting the bars and the clubs and never having success other than finding problematic relationships. Ildiko found my profile and wrote a letter to me with a picture attached. What struck me right away was the picture was of her and her dog. As I'm a big dog lover, I knew we had something in common right from the start.

After speaking on the phone for a couple of weeks, we met in Manhattan on May 3, 2003, for our first date. Ildiko was very shy at first, but she opened up as the day progressed. We actually met my sister and her husband by accident in the middle of Manhattan, and I got a nod of approval from them. At any rate, we have now been dating for over a year and we have a great relationship together. There are so many things we have in common, it's almost like I've found a female version of myself. She is the woman I've been waiting my whole life for. Things are going great and we just wanted to say thank you for helping us get together. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


James and Ildiko.

Everything happened so fast! In the beginning of June I decided to sign up on Match.com, and not even two weeks later, I started corresponding by email with a man located not even ten miles away from where I live. We emailed each other for about a week and realized just how much we have in common. So then we started corresponding by phone, and then on June 28, his birthday, not only did we meet for the first time in person, but I also met his whole family. We have been dating now for two months and he is more than I ever dreamed of finding, especially on Match.com. Match.com, thank you for helping me find true love, and a best friend.
I met Roberto591 on my 40th birthday and I have been head over heels ever since. Wow! Who knew turning 40 could be so great? Robert is a GORGEOUS, sensitive, caring, honest and down-to-earth gentleman. He also has a sexy singing and talking voice. I just can't get enough of him!

I just can't tell you how happy I am to have found him, and to think we met on Match.com amazes me even more! We also have had a number of people tell us we make such a cute couple, which is great to hear, even though we know that already!

I had met about five men on Match.com before meeting Robert and just want to let all you ladies (and gents) know that it is possible and very likely that you may meet your match on Match.com. I know I did!

Thanks, Match.com, for a match made on Earth that feels oh so much like heaven!

There are lots of more testimonials on the match.com website.

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