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Alt.com Review

Site Name:


Site rating: 5 Star Rating! This is a Quality Site
Site Classification: Rated 18+ Adult Content Adult Dating Site. Adult content or mild content primarily aimed at adults looking for physical relationships.
Basic FREE Membership: Yes
Number of Members: 2,000,000+ worldwide
Sexual Categories Covered: Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Couples, Men seeking couples, Women seeking couples, Groups seeking men, Groups seeking women, Groups seeking couples, TS/TV/TG seeking men, TS/TV/TG seeking women, TS/TV/TG seeking couples. Covers just about every fetish you can think of, too many to list here.
What Countries are Covered by The Site?Regions Covered:

All, 249 countries.

What Features Are Available to Members?Features Available:

Text chat rooms, video chat (pay per view), online instant messenger software, downloadable browser toolbar so see when other members come online, Prove who you are by getting your info checked with Infocheck a third party service.

Take an IQ test, Buy an Alt.com T-shirt, Love supply store for all your adult toy needs, Downloadable adult videos, Photo profiles, add a free voice intro to your profile, Points system to allow you into full member features until your points run out. Rate other members photos. Site can be viewed in German, English, Spanish, Japanese. Do a simple or advanced search. Browse members profiles or view as large thumbnails in a photo gallery.

View a recently joined members gallery. See who's viewing your profile. E-mail, Create a personal friend network, flirt by sending winks to people. Add your own private chat room if you wish to hold private online parties. Add a video introduction to your profile, show what fetishes you're into and only search for members who are into the same things. View who's online now, view only the hottest profiles, the most recent voice introductions or the most recent or popular video introductions. Professional profile editing available for an extra fee.

Alt.com glossary of terms, Safe online tips and advice, Fetish consent worksheet, stay safe, get kinky. Members magazine with articles by members for members, post your own question or article. Browse by state or country. Love dog email service where they send you potential matches one a week with similar profiles and interests. Personal network manager where you can manage your friends or send out invites to join your network. It also shows photos of cool new people.

Extensive online help section and you can contact a live person via email or snail mail. There's also live customer support in the shopping section.

There's also a star sign compatibility section and a purity test to see just how kinky or twisted you are. Other members can then view the results in your profile. There's nothing personal it's just general questions more aimed at what you like to get up to in the bedroom and what turns you on. Filling this in is optional. You can also upload up to 5 photos to your profile and this alone will give you 500 points.

How User-Friendly is The Website?Website Interface & Usability:

As with the other FriendFinder web sites, this one is well layed out with all the main sections across the top and bottom of the page. This doesn't change no matter what page you go to so there's a good sense of consistency throughout.

The color scheme is mainly black and yellow, black being the color associated with most things kinky or twisted ;-) You can write a pretty detailed profile and the signup process gives you tips and examples of what to write. As with all the other Friendinder web sites this site only has a 2 page signup process so its quick and painless.

You can also fix your profile later if you can't think of what to write. Either way your profile will be reviewed by Alt.com staff and won't be shown to other members until you write a decent one that meets their guidelines.

Search results give you 30 members per page but their thumbnail photos are too small to make out. This isn't a problem if you're a paying member as larger photos are available in their profiles. You can't access members profiles unless you're a paying member.

Using the browse feature gives you better results with 9 large photos per page. You can search within 80 kilometers of your location or your state or your country or the world. Although a free member can't communicate with other members or view their profiles, you can add them to your hot list or send them a wink or flirt to see if they're interested.

Main Description of Dating Site.Site

Alt.com is the alternative lifestyles and dating web site of the Friendfinder inc network of web sites. It covers every type of fetish you know about and some you don't.

Not only does it cover things like BDSM but also just people who are looking for something a bit more kinky than just the missionary position every night. It has thousands of active members from around the world, male, female, couples and groups. As with the rest of the network, this site has a strong emphasis on community and gives you lots of features to build your circle of friends and partners. Alt.com has their own statement of what they're all about:

What is the purpose of ALT.com?

"The purpose of the ALT.com site is to make it as easy as possible for you to meet people, using the power of the internet. At ALT.com, you'll find a community of people using the site as a tool to make connections and find partners for dating, romance, friendship, and a variety of encounters.

To find your match, we offer several powerful features, which allow you to narrow your search so that you are able to find exactly the kind of person you, are looking for. On various occasions, we also add new features to make your time at ALT.com a successful and fun experience."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. We were snowed under by the amount of features that are available to site members, though a particular thorn in the sites side is the fact that free members can't view other members full profiles, which we think is a bit unfair for those trying to find someone compatible.

Apart from this gripe which affects all the sites in the Friendfinder network, they do allow you into more features as a free member than allot of other web sites we've looked at.

These Features Get A Thumbs Up :-)Pro's

What we liked about the site:

Large membership base.

How ever twisted you are, there are other people as twisted as you on this site.

Quick 2 page signup process.

Instant messenger available for download at adultfriendfinder, can be used with alt.com. Also a free toolbar to let you know when other members are online is available at alt.com

Lots and lots of features available to paying members. And most of them are available to free members too.

Easy to navigate interface.

These Features Get A Thumbs Down :-(Con's

What we didn't like about the site:

Basic members can't view full profiles.



Well, Overall What Did We Think of The Site?Overall Verdict:

Alt.com, as with all the other Friendfinder web sites over delivers in the feature departments and sense of community. A bit restrictive in the basic membership department but we'll forgive them as their site is of a better standard than other sites that are out there. I will give this web site 4 stars out of 5 due to its large membership base, extensive features, quick signup process and extensive help section. A cut above the rest ;-)

Hear what satisfied customers have to say!Alt.com Customer Testimonials I joined alt three years ago, not totally sure who or what i might find. Having been a sub for over 2o years and yet remaining in a vamilla relationship, i knew i was seeking something or someone else.Over the past three years i have made many friends through alt...lff and bbb. Earlier this year after chatting to someone on alt, i agreed to meet.We met locally to me although he lives quite a way from me. Our first meet was very casual yet i was nervous. We seemed to get on well, chatted for ages and had so many likes and dislikes in common. He made me feel safe and we agreed to meet again. As the time moved on and we met more and more, i realised maybe this was the Dom i had always been seeking.He was not the conventional " Dom" soon began to know me very well and learnt what made me tick.Having a high pain tolerance, he decided that was not the way to punish me, he has his own ways, ones which i strive to avoid. My submission i give to him willing, he now owns my heart, my trust and my soul.It took a long time for me to find him, and am sure if it was not for alt it would be highly unlikely our paths would have crossed. I wear his collar with pride and respect, and am honoured to be called topmans_pet.
As a new member to alt.com, I was looking for people that I could associate with. I am a TV and I am new to the area. I posted my profile with photos so that people could see what I was all about and what I looked like. I received a lot of hits on my profile and a good number of messages. I answered all that I received and was hoping to find new friends. To my surprise, I have met some very nice and enjoyable individuals since then, I have met on line and dated as well. These men are filling a nice void for me in my part of the country and I love it.
I hope that this will continue because I am looking for a relationship that will be suitable to both parties.
Thank you ALT.
I joined alt in September 2003, after recieving many responses from Dom(me)s, subs, switches etc, I decided to give in looking for the perfect partner and continue with the target of making new like-minded friends. In May I was finally able to attend the LFF (London Fetish Fair), where i had arranged to go with 2 submissive males whom i had chatted to for a few months before. On the day I attended taking my flatmate for safety and waited at a train station to meet these two subs. One unfortunately couldn't make it however the second, whom i did not know so well did attend. On arrival at LFF I had announced in the room that I would be handcuffed to someone so they could recognise me. So out came my fluffy handcuffs and myself and the submissive were cuffed. After an hour or so attached to this stranger he decided to purchase some proper cuffs and we were well and truely attached with no means of escape without the key he hid. The day went well and on returning to the train station we said goodbye, not wanting to lose my chance i grabbed the sub kissed him before he got onto his train. After exchanging many txts on the train journey back he decided that we should meet for dinner and see how it went. Within the week we had met and decided that he would Switch for me. It is now over 4 months later and i am happily collared by this Switch whom i have grown very attached to and am proud to call my master.
I came to alt.com from aff.com, aff was too busy...too many men...too many that could not perform. But here at alt...oh yes...one..the only one... I left alt and then came back in search of him again. I am delighted I did so. AND we have just touched the tip of the iceberg. He's an experienced dom and perfect for me. Open creative and hot! Good luck to all out there!
I have been missing out, big time! I was skeptical of meeting someone who has the same interests, passion, and energy as me. I was not longer using my account when I came across an old email with my initial profile information on it. Someone had, in fact, checked me out and described himself as exactly what I wanted, even in the same zip code! We met for coffee and left not knowing if he liked me and I him. I heard from him later that afternoon and he was definitely interested. Our chemistry is unreal. Within 6 days we have had an incredible afternoon of sex, lust, and passion that neither of us expected. We hated for it to end. Sadly we are not able to see each other as often as we like but we plan on seeing each other for a LONG, LONG time. I am still on cloud nine. Thank you for providing a fantastic website for those of us with specific desires to meet and enjoy each other! I am eternally grateful.
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