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AdultActionCam Review

Site Name:


Site rating: 5 Star Rating! This is a Quality Site
Site Classification: Rated 18+ Adult Content Webcam network primarily aimed at adults looking for physical relationships. Covers everything male and female, just depends what you're looking to do via a webcam.
Basic FREE Membership: Yes
Number of Members: Unknown, all countries covered. Although this site has members from all over the world, the largest amount seems to be from America / Canada.
Sexual Categories Covered: Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Couples, Bi, Swingers, Elderly, Group.
What Countries are Covered by The Site?Regions Covered:

All 249 countries.

What Features Are Available to Members?Features Available:

Photo profiles, email, external email notification of new messages awaiting your attention. Webcam chat rooms, online chat games for members to take part in. (Note: the former are members webcam rooms, not paid performers. Ed) And live performers video chat.

Private chat channel for two or more people. Profile search, advanced search and get lucky random search. You can upload your main profile photo and 5 additional photos. Vote for members rating system, fresh faces, and hot list for most voted for members.

On the subject of chat rooms, here's a list of the current rooms at the time of writing:

- Your personal chat channel
- Adult Lobby
- Gay Lounge
- Erotic Lounge
- Pillow Talk
- Trivia Room
- Truth or Dare
- The Lube Tube
- The Hott Tub
- Action Chatt
- Wild West

Online guide to USA strip clubs, online guide to USA swingers clubs. Advice on how to make sure your external email gets through spam filters.

How User-Friendly is The Website?Website Interface & Usability:

The interface is mainly white with red buttons and a light sandy background. Simple navigation system and fast loading pages. Font size is reasonable and legible. Easily search by males only, females only or everyone.

10 profiles per page and profile photos are of an excellent size. You can also look at members full profile photos in the free member account with no details restricted. Main website options are across the top and the site isn't complicated compared to other sites we've seen.

This site is aimed more at getting people together via webcam and little else. There is no online magazine or dating advice tips etc, but that's not really what this site is about.

There is a better sense of community built here than on other websites, as this one is based around webcam real time chat and flirting with other members from around the world.

Main Description of Dating Site.Site

AdultActionCam is the adult version of Datecam, same company, different website. AdultActionCam is a webcam website aimed at consenting adults of all genders from around the world who are looking for sex, plain and simple, though there are a few just looking for friends and chat.

(Note: If you're looking for friends and chat via webcam in a non adult environment then DateCam is the place for you. Ed)

AdultActionCam features some of the most cutting edge technology for getting to know other people Face-To-Face!

- Watch up to three live video feeds at once.
- High quality sound (22khz).
- Play games such as Trivia and Truth or Dare.
- Integrated WorldView geography display.
- Private Rooms, Hot Singles, and Cool Features.

This sex personals site has a large amount of members from America and Canada. Although there are members from just about everywhere else on the planet, the main bulk are from the former. It should be noted that as this is a live webcam website, distance and location becomes irrelevant when it comes to cyber sex, flirting or swapping emails.

Unlike a normal dating site, where you browse profiles and hope someone responds, (yes you can do that here if you want) this site allows large groups of people to log into the webcam chat rooms and see, speak and hear each other in real time. It really is the next step up in the evolution of online dating. You can see and carry on with members straight away.

You get to know their personality's in a lot less time than it would take simply by exchanging emails. You can also block emails, chat and messages from members that you don't get on with or no longer want to speak to. Though it has to be said, everyone we've spoken to so far are very friendly and approachable. If anyone was acting up, I don't think it would be long before they were blocked, booted out or ganged up on.

People are here to make friends and lovers, not enemy's. Its harder for people to be a git when they can be seen through their web cam and are not just a username typing in text. (Although you can do that too if you don't have a web cam, but you won't have as much fun.)

The staff support section guarantees a response within 72 hours, which we think is a bit long for a real time web cam dating website (ah, the irony.). Web surfers are already instant gratification junkies, giving them a real time web cam site is only going to make them worse.

But, a definite answer is better than no answer at all. You should have very few problems anyway, we haven't had any and we have been full paying members for several months now.

These Features Get A Thumbs Up :-)Pro's

What we liked about the site:

Fast loading website with a large membership base mainly in America and Canada, though there are members from all over the world.

Since they moved to a new service provider, speed problems during peek times seem to have been eliminated.

Real time web cam chat rooms, where, up to three people can see each other at the same time and approximately 50 people can text chat at the same time. A cool little world map shows where members are logging in from and color codes them blue and pink for boys and girls. You can block members and quick check their profiles while browsing through the chat rooms.

Interaction isn't mandatory, you can just browse around if you wish and not speak to anyone unless you want to, this is known as a lurker.

Yellow pages of USA strip and swinger clubs.

The free member account gives you a free 15 - 30 minutes in the web cam chat rooms but after that you need to become a full paying member to use them.

A free account lets you browse as many profiles as you like and you can receive emails and send winks / flirts but can't actually send an email to anyone unless you become a full paying member.

These Features Get A Thumbs Down :-(Con's

What we didn't like about the site:

The web cam chat rooms only hold about 50 people before they're marked as full and access is denied. If you don't have a web cam and the room fills up, you'll be booted out in favor of those that do. It's annoying but hey this IS a web cam website after all. You'll get more out of it with a web cam.

No extra bits, such as dating advice tips or chat room safety tips :-( But this site is more about a live real time community, not a faceless bunch of profiles sending emails back and forth (yup, you guessed it, "though you can do that too if your so inclined." :-)

Well, Overall What Did We Think of The Site?Overall Verdict:

This is an above average website that makes excellent use of the latest technology to take dating online to the next level and that's a real time web cam community. It's fairly polished but it still has a few minor bugs that could be ironed out. If it didn't have the webcam features it would be rated as an average 3 star site as there isn't much else available to members, but, as it stands, it gets a 4.

The web cam experience is unreal and you'll have a hard time going back to normal dating sites once you've tried web cam chat and dating. (Cyber sex, what a concept. It could also be the instant gratification effect of meeting people immediately and not having to wait.)

Be warned that this is an adult sex personals site and as such there are few restrictions on profile photos so expect lots of nudity etc. If that's not what you're looking for, Datecam.

This site gets 4 stars. It's an above average site, with excellent experiences awaiting anyone who is not too shy to get in there and talk to people. It makes an excellent use of the latest technology, to bring people from around the world together, in real time, and does it without over complicating the experience. I.e. you can see people straight away, if you want them to see and hear you, go buy a web cam now.

It's plus factor is that it gives you an excellent 'try before you buy' experience so you can decide if it's for you without any risk. There are few sites that do this correctly. Most will restrict you from using allot of features until you cough up the money. AdultActionCam lets you use it's main features for a while so you get the full experience of their services.

Almost everything an online dating website should be, we like it.

Hear what satidfied customers have to say!AdultActionCam Customer Testimonials

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed using your site and actually met a guy who I'm currently dating. I've spent loads of time in other chatrooms, chatting with guys to later find that there was NO physical attraction what so ever. In your chatroom I got to see my guy live in the flesh, just like we were on a date or something! Let me just say that was all I needed because the electricity was definitely there! We chatted for a bit and then made plans to meet, we've been dating for three months now! THANKS! "

Stacy S.
Austin, TX

"I would like you delete my profile from your database as I have successfully met the man I'm likely to spend the rest of my days with. I've had such a story book happy ending that I felt I must share it with you! I had become very weary of waiting around smoky bars hoping in vane to meet Mr. Right. I had some trepidations about trying an online dating service as I was worried that people would falsely advertise themselves. With your video chat I was able to meet and see many different men from numerous places around the world in the comfort of my (smoke free) living room. I was able to weed out those that weren't my type and then set up times to safely chat with those I felt some attraction to. I met Tom one week after joining, we are practically inseparable and talking about marriage. My life has changed for the better and I thought you might like to hear my story."

Kristie J.
Brooklyn, NY

"I'm a business man that has to travel frequently for a living. I rarely have time to socialize let alone venture into the dating world. One night I became restless and, looking for a distraction from work, I came across your site. Before I knew it I found my self chatting one on one with the most intelligent and lovely woman I had ever met. We now try and meet nightly, seeing her face every evening certainly makes the long lonely nights abroad go by with ease. "

Milt C.
Chandler, AZ

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